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В экстремальных условиях (от -270 ° C до 600 ° C) идеально подходят шинные гофрированные рукава с механической формой с широким гофрированным гофром. Они устойчивы к возрасту и доступны без оплетки. Способ изготовления гарантирует герметичность. Конструкция и официальное утверждение типа соответствуют стандартам EN ISO 10380.

Эти шланги используются в солнечных батареях для транспортировки горячей и холодной воды между солнечными тепловыми панелями и могут выдерживать экстремальные термические расширения.

Основные приложения –

Они используются в зависимости от применения, а также характеристик различного солнечного оборудования.


Эти высоко гибкие солнечные шланги, изготовленные из нержавеющей стали AISI 316L, используются для транспортировки горячей и холодной воды между солнечными тепловыми панелями и резервуаром для хранения горячей воды. Пластинчатые шланги Platinflex, установленные в системе, для подключения солнечной панели к другим нагревательным элементам.

Они широко используются в солнечных батареях, а также в системах отопления.

Преимуществами наших солнечных шлангов являются:

  • Меньше потери тепла с его EPDM резиновой изоляцией
  • Передача обратной связи в реальном времени
  • с помощью кабеля датчикаЗащита от
  • птичьего и ультрафиолетового излучения с ПВХПростая установка с гибким корпусом и резьбовыми соединениями
  • Низкие затраты на установку
  • Легкая и быстрая установка


Hose: AISI 316L Stainless steel

Insulation: Rubber (13mm or 19 mm)

Braid: Special polyamide PA 6.6(optional)

Fittings: Carbon steel or Stainless steel


      • Racords
      • Diameter Nominal:

Hose Diameter: DN12-DN32 – Connection: 1/2”-1 ½”

Max. Working pressure: 16 Bars

Working Temperature: -40ºC to 150ºC

Application Area:

      • Heating system
      • Solar systems


The cut and fit hoses are also easy to assemble and are flexible. They used for both hot and also cold-water applications.

Hence, these types of hoses are suitable for drinking water and Water applications.

With Platinflex’s Cut & Fit System, you can produce self-assembly, flexible metal hose line simply by yourself.

The Simple Cut & Fit System has a long life, and is also suitable for drinking water connections and is ideal for almost all Water applications.

Follow the below-mentioned process for Installation-

  • Cut the hose to the desired length by means of a standard Tube Cutter
  • Pass a swivel nut over the hose
  • Squeeze the last corrugation of the hose by means of a special Hammer
  • In this way, a smooth surface for a leakage-free gasket application will be prepared.
  • Fasten an appropriate segment right behind the squeezed corrugation.

(You will need a mere 3 – 4 minutes for the entire process and it applicable for both hot and also cold-water applications.)


These metal hoses have a better heat transfer capability with its conductive body materials than standard hoses. In addition, Boiler flex hoses used in boilers and also heat exchangers. With its wide surface area, boiler flex hoses are the optimal choice for narrow places. They are made of Stainless Steel and also are corrosion resistant.

These used in several industries as heat exchangers and also in Boilers.

Advantages –

  • Heats the surface without calcification
  • Characterized by high acid and also corrosion resistance owing to its stainless-steel body
  • Installed easily on different boiler types
  • It has a flexible body

Description –

These have a closed-pitch corrugated structure. They are highly flexible and also have an extensive connection for Water applications.

Furthermore, These primarily used in various water applications.

With a closed-pitch corrugated structure, these hoses provide a highly flexible and also have an extensive connection for Water applications. They manufactured with or without polyolefin based cover. Extensible Water hoses exposed to special heat treatment. The heat Treatment eliminates the stress caused by tubing, mechanic forming and fitting, welding processes and increases the flexibility as well as their corrosion resistance. Heat treatment helps the hose to save its form and shape.

Advantages of extensible water Hoses:

  1. Connection:
    – Their extensible structure provides the best connection features for non-classified distances.
    – Can installed in tight bending radius with no reduction in cross sectional area.
  2.  Economic Installation:
    – Reduces the cost and time of installation with its highly flexible and also extensible structure.
    – Provides the best connection features possible, at various installation distances and also manufactured in all lengths from 90mm up to 2000mm.