Environmental Policy

Our company, which operates in the field of metal hose and components production, acts with full commitment to 14001 environmental management systems standards and bears responsibility for a sustainable future. With the awareness of this responsibility, our management and all our employees make the following commitments based on the principle of environmental protection and sustainability:

Continuous Improvement: We are determined to continuously improve our environmental performance by conducting our activities in accordance with sustainable development goals.

Circular Economy: We take proactive steps to minimize waste and preserve material-resource values and re-incorporate them into the product cycle.

Impact Control: We continuously monitor the environmental impacts of our activities and take necessary measures to minimize and control these impacts.

Compliance with Legislation and Standards: We act in strict compliance with all relevant legal regulations and ISO 14001 environmental management standards.

Conscious Use: We adopt a sustainable consumption model by using energy and other natural resources efficiently, consciously and economically.

Natural Heritage We undertake the task of leaving a livable and balanced environment to future generations by protecting the riches offered to us by nature.

Training and Awareness: We support the spread of environmental awareness throughout the society by providing environmental training to our employees, business partners and suppliers.

Culture and Participation: While encouraging the formation of a sustainable environmental culture within the company, we aim to ensure the active participation of our employees in environmental activities.

With these commitments, we are moving forward with determination both to maintain our leadership in the sector and to fulfil our responsibilities towards nature and society.

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