Environmental Policy

Our company specializes in metal hose and components production, prioritizing adherence to 14001 environmental management systems standards and ensuring accountability for a sustainable future. Guided by this responsibility, our management and employees pledge the following commitments centered on environmental protection and sustainability principles:

  1. Continuous Improvement: We are dedicated to enhancing our environmental performance continually, aligning our activities with sustainable development goals.

  2. Circular Economy: Proactively minimizing waste and preserving material-resource values, we integrate them back into the product cycle.

  3. Impact Control: We closely monitor our activities’ environmental impacts, implementing necessary measures to minimize and manage them effectively.

  4. Compliance with Legislation and Standards: Our actions strictly adhere to relevant legal regulations and ISO 14001 environmental management standards.

  5. Conscious Use: Adopting a sustainable consumption model, we utilize energy and natural resources efficiently, consciously, and economically.

  6. Natural Heritage: Committed to preserving nature’s richness for future generations, we strive to maintain a livable and balanced environment.

  7. Training and Awareness: Promoting environmental consciousness, we provide environmental training to our employees, business partners, and suppliers.

  8. Culture and Participation: Encouraging a sustainable environmental culture within our company, we actively engage our employees in environmental initiatives.

With these commitments, we move forward with determination, aiming to uphold our sector leadership while fulfilling our responsibilities to nature and society.

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