Corrugated Flexible metal hoses

Corrugated Flexible metal  hose

flexible metal hose made from stainless steel sheet, is a annularly corrugated tube manufactured by continuously processing this material in a high speed automatic forming machine.

After this processing, it is put in a continuous automatic bright annealing furnace without oxidization to completely eliminate residual stress and becomes high quality corrugated flexible metal hose.


The Application of one kinds of braid ( wire) is settled by the diameter of flexible metal hose upon 4″ , wire braid is used.The function of braid protect metallic flexible hose when fluid pressure operated the inside of corugated flexible metal hose.

End Fitting Connection

TIG welding method of flexible metal hose weld en fittings to each side of flexible metal hose.In that case, welding parts fall anti-corrosion than orginal material , so PLATINFLEX Assembled flexible metal hose assemblies with taking a serious view of anti-corrosion.

Advantages of flexible metal hoses

In order to increase their pressure resistance, the corrugated metal hoses get single or multiple braids. The material of the wire netting is usually

At high pressures, the inherent pressure resistance of the metal hose is almost negligible.

The pressure resistance of braided metal hoses is many times higher than of metal hoses without braiding. Ultimately the braid alone is load-bearing.

Pressure and temperature ranges of flexible metal  hoses

Corrugated flexible metal hoses can be used for pressures up to 350 bar or vacuum. The temperature resistance is dependent on the material, for stainless steel flexible metal  hoses it is guaranteed up to 600°C. With special materials, even higher temperatures are possible. However, when designing  flexible metal hoses, the material-dependent pressure reduction factors must be considered. Applications in the cryogenic range are possible down to approximately -270°C without pressure reduction.

PLATINFLEX  corrugated metal hoses are manufactured with an inner diameter of 6 to 100 mm