Fire Sprinkler Hoses

Function of Fire Sprinkler System

Automatic fire sprinklers are individually heat-activated and attached to a network of piping with water under pressure. When the heat of a fire raises the sprinkler temperature to its operating temperature (usually 186°F – 86°C), a solder link will melt or a liquid-filled glass bulb will shatter to open that sprinkler, releasing water and sounding an alarm. By acting automatically at the origin of a fire, sprinklers prevent a fire from going to a dangerous size.

Unlike traditional hard-piped fire protection systems, Platinflex sprinkler connections allow engineers, architects, contractors and building owners a degree of versatility previously unavailable, featuring:

• Industrial grade material
• Acceptable for use in a return-air plenum
• Perfect center-of-tile and aesthetic uniformity
• Approved for use with medium and heavy load grids
• 100% leak-tested connections
• All welded, no o-rings
• Adjustable height and sprinkler alignment
• Proven technology
• Ceiling system compatibility

PLATINFLEX Fire Sprinkler Hose and Connection Adapter can be safely used in fire extinguishing systems due to its structure not being affected by seismic motions and the braided hose’s resistance to heat and pressure.