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Platinflex excels in high-quality flexible metal hoses, prioritizing quality, testing, and innovation.

At Platinflex, we pride ourselves on our proprietary forming techniques for flexible metal hoses. Leveraging our custom-designed machines and accumulated expertise, we craft hoses that are unmatched in precision and reliability. This unique combination of our equipment and know-how ensures that every hose embodies the Platinflex commitment to quality.


The strength and durability of our hoses are amplified through our advanced braiding processes. By intertwining high-quality metal strands with meticulous precision, we provide reinforced resilience in our products. This ensures that they can endure and perform in challenging environments, meeting the diverse needs of our clients.

Welding and Soldering

The integrity of Platinflex products is upheld through our advanced welding techniques. Our experienced professionals employ cutting-edge methods to make every hose joint and connection leak-proof and robust, ensuring the safety and durability our clients rely on. We utilize a range of advanced welding technologies, including laser, TIG, orbital, and plasma.

Material Technology

Our mastery over material technology stands as a testament to our dedication to producing top-tier hoses. Drawing from a profound understanding of metallurgy, carefully selecting materials for ideal corrosion resistance, temperature resilience, and mechanical strength ensures our products consistently meet high performance and longevity standards.


Quality assurance is paramount at Platinflex. To uphold this commitment, we subject our hoses to rigorous testing against more than 24 international standards. This exhaustive evaluation ensures that each Platinflex hose is not only compliant but also exemplifies global benchmarks of excellence in design and function.


Our attention to detail extends to our packaging. Recognizing the diverse needs of our clientele, we offer customized packaging solutions that not only ensure the protection and preservation of our products during transit but also cater to the specific requirements of our customers, ensuring they receive their orders in impeccable condition.

Process Development

Innovation is woven into the fabric of Platinflex. Our relentless focus on process development sees us continuously refining our methodologies, embracing the latest technologies, and pioneering new techniques. This forward-thinking approach ensures that Platinflex remains an industry leader, consistently delivering cutting-edge flexible metal hose solutions.

Know How

Product KNOW HOW

Our technical expertise in the development of our products come from our decades of experience, a dynamic team and our seamless operations. All these have today made us a pioneer in the field of design and production of metal hoses, expansion joints and bellows. There are few key performance indicators that we follow across our hierarchy.


Product Development

Keeping with the changing technological landscape, we have been able to derive fast and reliable solutions, giving our Customers innovative products and customized designs.

Our skilled engineers and technical team have the complete and comprehensive know how and therefore, they work with each other to design and develop the products and ensure that they are the best in the Industry.



We are in an industry of designing products which are used in critical Sectors – including Marine and Shipbuilding, HVAC, Industrial technology, Power Engineering etc. Hence, it becomes important that we deliver reliable and safe products consistently.

Also, we constantly make sure that the products manufactured at Platinflex are safe for its users and do not harm the environment in any way.


Quality Assurance

We at Platinflex value a ‘zero-defect’ process philosophy. Our robust quality check measures at every stage of production enables us to capture non-value added processes and allows overall sustainable process improvements. We use our materials and resources effectively and efficiently.



Platinflex is in the extensive practice of creating functional prototypes for all its products ahead of introducing them to the markets. Furthermore, the organization’s in-house prototype design and development team uses standard tools and procedures for this.


Process Technology

Platinflex uses cutting edge technology for all its mainstream production processes. So, our machineries are inventive, efficient and reliable giving us and our customers the much-needed capabilities in terms of performance.


Operational Excellence

We leverage our Process flows to achieve operational excellence – starting right from the production floor to marketing and delivery. This is furthermore done with consistent product development, new technologies, and delivery innovation.


Engineering & Innovation

Innovation and Engineering Excellence
At Platinflex we pride ourselves on our innovative approach and commitment to excellence. Our engineering department constantly strives to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations by providing tailored solutions that enhance the performance and reliability of their systems. By utilising the latest technology and extensive industry knowledge, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and durability.
With the approval of Turkish Lloyd, the solutions we have developed for the national defence industry continue to contribute to our country’s freedom from foreign dependence. With our know-how and innovative solutions in the defence industry, we respond to the needs of our security forces and contribute to the strategic goals of our country. With our achievements in this field, we are becoming a major player not only in the domestic market but also in the international arena.

University-Private Sector Cooperation

We are excited to announce that our Project with Eskişehir Technical University has been approved under the University-Private Sector Cooperation Programme (1505) in April 2024. This important milestone underlines our commitment to fostering innovation through collaboration. The approval of our prototype is a testament to the hard work and creativity of our team and opens new opportunities for advances in flexible hose technology.

Know How

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With excellence as a benchmark, we can deliver both standard and customized models in the field of metal hoses, metal hose assemblies, and bellows.

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