With excellence as a benchmark, we can deliver both standard and customized models in the field of metal hoses, metal hose assemblies, and bellows.


Our Products Portfolio is Enormous

With excellence as a benchmark, we can deliver both standard and customized models in the field of metal hoses, metal hose assemblies, and bellows.

Moreover, our Products, Metal hoses can use to absorb and compensate for static misalignment, Fluid transfer, load and unload processes of Water, gas, vapor and non-aggressive Chemical, dynamic motion, thermal expansion and vibration within pipe systems.

Our Products also has different connections like:

  • Flanged connections fixed or swivel
  • Weld ends (with or without bevel)
  • Moreover, Threaded connections, fixed or swivel
  • Pipe ends (for compression fittings)
  • Also, Quick release couplings / Proprietary couplings
  • Special connection fittings to meet specific customer & industry requirements.

Industrial Hoses

With the high pressure or low pressure, exchange rates moderate or quick and with materials as straightforward as air and water or as unpredictable as unsafe chemicals…

Gas Hoses

This Gas hose is manufactured according to EN 14800 standards. Also, it is installed for gas connections. It additionally has a PVC covering that helps to have a long working…

Solar Hoses

The mechanically shaped wide pitched corrugated hoses with a wide pitch corrugation is ideally applicable under extreme conditions (-270 °C to 600°C). They are age-proof and are available…

Vibration Hoses

These corrugated flexible metal hoses, which are ideal to minimize vibration coming from a compressor. These protect the down-stream airway from shock and vibration. They also accommodate…

Sprinkler Hoses

The PLATINFLEX stainless steel hose and the PLATINFLEX mounting bracket are particularly suited for use in suspended ceiling applications making the installation quick and easy…

Fancoil Hoses

Our Fancoil hoses are up to the mark, meet the international standards and low priced. These Fancoil hoses are both cost and time efficient. Also, They use in fan coil…

Boiler Hoses

Boilers are gadgets in sunlight based warmed high temperature water frameworks to at long last warmth the utilization water by warming the water in sun powered gatherers and…

Custom Metal Hose Assemblies

Metal hoses are a flexible metal line elements. Corrugated hoses can withstand high pressure and provide maximum leak tightness on account of their material. Corrugated hoses…


Customized Hoses for Diverse Applications

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Our wide product range includes standard and custom metal hoses, assemblies, and bellows. They address static misalignment and fluid transfer. Explore diverse connection options, including flanged, welded, and threaded choices to suit your needs.

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