Solar Boiler Hoses

Boilers are gadgets in sunlight based warmed high temperature water frameworks to at long last warmth the utilization water by warming the water in sun powered gatherers and circling through adaptable metal hoses situated in a tank and utilized as serpentine. Utilizing adaptable boiler hoses as serpentine in boilers has many points of interest as proficiency come about because of high surface zone contrasting with steel channels, establishment ease for their adaptability and high erosion resistance of stainless steel to consumption and lime.

Boiler Hoses can work for the necessities of boiler producers. Also, they delivered in a stainless steel structure either as single or twofold serpentine when required.

Technical Features:
  • High heat exchange performance owing to its design
  • Well-suited for installation in confined assembly scenarios
  • 50% higher heat exchange performance than non-corrugated pipes
  • Targeted turbulence prevents the formation of lime-scale deposits