Working Conditions and Human Rights Directive

PLATİNFLEX LTD.ŞTİ.; We see it as our priority to create a working environment and ecosystem that contributes to ensuring economic, social and environmental sustainability by prioritising human focus and ethical values in our services we offer to our customers abroad.

On this basis, in the relationships we establish with our employees, our customers and all our stakeholders;

  • Constitution of the Republic of Turkey,
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Convention on the Rights of the Child, ILO (International Labour Organization) Conventions to which our country is a party,
  • United Nations Principles on Business and Human Rights,
  • United Nations Global Principles,
  • OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Principles for Multinational Enterprises

We undertake to comply with the following principles and to fulfil our responsibilities to ensure our adherence to these
principles in order to ensure compliance with the national legislation on labour life.

  • Platinflex seeks suitability for the job as the only measure from the recruitment of its employees to the employment process. It does not discriminate in cases of religion, language, race, gender, etc.
  • To strengthen the sense of belonging of our employees with our company and to provide a safe working environment,
  • To provide opportunities for our employees to continuously improve themselves,
  • To make career planning of our employees,
  • Provide opportunities for employees to demonstrate leadership in terms of their own responsibilities,
  • Implementing a transparent management policy as top management,
  • To continuously improve and develop our human resources policy,
  • To protect equal opportunities among our employees,
  • To effectively implement the necessary control and supervision to ensure occupational safety,
  • Prevention of occupational accidents and occupational diseases,
  • We do not employ individuals under 18 years of age, we stand against forced labour, including forced labour, debt bondage and all forms of human trafficking, gender discrimination, illegal child labour, abuse of children and all other forms of ill-treatment or exploitative behaviour to employees and we carry out all our business processes accordingly.
  • In wages and fringe benefits, a continuous improvement policy is applied by following the country, world and sector trends and applying a wage policy accordingly.
  • Competitive wage and benefit strategies that reward consistent high performance and are in line with market conditions are implemented. In accordance with legal obligations, the remuneration policies established by taking into account the remuneration policies valid in the market, the size of the company, long-term goals, job sizes, performance results, internal and external remuneration balance are taken into account. To implement a fair remuneration system within the company and competitive in the sector,
  • The work life balance of our employees is maintained and working hours are determined accordingly.
  • We act in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations when organising daily and weekly working hours, overtime, breaks, weekend and annual paid leave.
  • All employees of our company, without any discrimination, have the right to become a member of the relevant organisations within the scope of freedom of association and protection of the right to collective bargaining, provided that they comply with their laws and regulations.

Platinflex Ltd. to ensure that this Directive is carried out in accordance with its purpose;

  1. It does its best to ensure that the principles set out in the Directive are adopted in business processes and by its managers and employees.
  2. It develops practices and procedures for the implementation of the Directive, related training and awareness activities, and determination of governance processes in detail, and monitors compliance with the Directive and the. procedures issued based on it within the relevant Boards and Committees, especially Human Resources.
  3. It evaluates the applications to be made regarding the incompatibilities regarding the content of this Directive.
  4. In case of possible violations, the relevant units take the necessary measures within the framework of internal procedures and rules and initiate the relevant processes.
  5. If employees learn or suspect that the Company’s Code of Ethics or the laws and regulations applicable to the company have been violated, they are obliged to report this to their immediate supervisor or Human Resources.

Applications related to Platinflex Human Rights and Working Conditions Directive or human rights processes:

[email protected]. and [email protected] via e-mail.

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