Metal hoses are a flexible metal line elements. Corrugated hoses can withstand high pressure and provide maximum leak tightness on account of their material. Corrugated hoses also exhibit corrosion resistance and pressure tightness under the most extreme conditions, such as in aggressive seawater or at extreme temperatures such as found in space or when transporting cooled liquid gas. They are particularly well suited for conveying hot and cold substances.

The main purposes of the Metal Hose Assemblies are the applications. Particularly, where chemicals and temperature extremes, either from media or climate, are available. Industrial facility welded and prepared to introduce, our metal hoses are work without leakage, full vacuum hose arrangements that offer uncommon concoction resistance, fire wellbeing and restricted saturation for predominant execution.

Custom Metal Hose Assemblies Description-

Platinflex designs customized products according to the specifications of their Clients with a wide array of fittings and styles. The design and layout get special care when manufacturing these made-to-order hoses and assemblies to ensure their safety and reliability.

Platinflex offers its Customers spread across different Industries a range of different flexible Metal Hose Solutions. These hoses can use in Power Engineering, Industrial Technology, HVAC Industry etc.