HVAC Technology

Metal Hose Assemblies for HVAC Gas, Water, and Heating System

Platinflex’s metal hose assemblies for HVAC technology, ideal for gas applications, water systems, and heating systems. Flexible and corrosion-resistant.

Platinflex offers Metal Hose Assemblies over the entire range of the metal hoses for HVAC Technology Industry.
Major Use of HVAC Technology
Gas Applications + -

Platinflex gas Hoses are used across the entire Gas Application purview. Also, they can work for connection in household appliances to fuel supply in Gas Motors in small combined heat and power units.


These metal hoses for HVAC Technology are flexible, gas-tight and resistant to corrosion and long life.


Our Gas Hoses Applications
  • EN14800 Gas Hoses for Natural Gas, Butane, and LPG
  • Also, Extensible Gas Hoses for ergonomic Connections
  • EN15266 Gas hoses for new generation installer
  • Burners
  • Regulators
  • Furthermore, for Dilatation
  • Gas Counters
Water And Solar System + -

The Water and Solar applications use Platinflex metal hoses – with or without insulation. These are perfect for their durability, reliability, and easy usability. Also, our products used in the Water and Solar applications are;


  • Extensible Water hoses
  • Also, Metal hose assemblies with Insulations and different brass and non-brass fittings.
  • Single Solar Hoses with Insulation and UV protection.
  • TWIN Solar hoses with Insulation, sensor cable, and UV protection.
  • Moreover, Fan coil hoses with and without braid.
Heating Systems and Heat Pumps + -

Platinflex metal hoses for HVAC Technology assemblies also provide facilities for easy transference of hot water. Moreover, these hoses are pressure-drop resistant and durable. Depending on specific requirements, they are up to 16 bar pressure stable.


The diffusion-proof design prevents the entry of oxygen and thus averts corrosion. The connector can cover your specifications and requirements. Also, the delivery is carried out with pre-assembled components.

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