We produce the product with the quality assurance that is up to the mark, low priced and meet the globe standards at the same time.

Traceable Production Process for Quality Assurance

Platinflex believes in creating an intelligent, connected and traceable production process in their manufacturing units. Also, all the different stages of the production process undergo strict quality control measures. This is all thanks to an excellent ‘traceability’ system within the unit. So, a slight deviation from the standard can quickly track back to its source and the reason for such a variance.

Additionally, we also have all the relevant and necessary approvals for the production and manufacturing of our products.

Traceable Materials

We also understand that the quality of raw materials is what gives an organization its competitive advantage. Moreover, the right quality of your raw materials can decide whether or not it meets your Customers’ needs and your internal quality standards. All raw materials are regularly tested and sourced from trusted vendors and suppliers. Furthermore, Platinflex acknowledges changing trends and keeping that in mind, adheres to emerging traceability requirements.

Our Trace & Control Mechanism provides advanced traceability of materials, test results and error-proofs line set-ups.

Approval Checks

Prior to delivery, all our products go through a robust testing process in the following aspects-

Welding –All our manufactured hoses can work for welding resistance in order to avert future problems caused as a result of poor welding. moreover, our hoses passed every modern test.

Leaks& Bursts–The diameters (both inside and outside) of the hoses are measured along with their wall thickness and pitch wideness and are subsequently sent for Helium Leak Tests and Burst tests.

Pressure Test – HydraulicPressure passed every modern test. Therefore, ideal for the delivery.

Moreover, other tests include –

  • Proof Pressure Test
  • Warp Test
  • Rise Test
  • Twist Test
  • Also, Volumetric Expansion, etc.

Approval Certificates

Platinflex also has all the applicable and relevant approval certificates of the quality assurance with respect to production and distribution of their metal hoses and other products.