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Explore Platinflex’s metal hose assemblies for Industrial Technology sectors like Chemical & Petrochemical, Iron & Steel, LNG, Mechanical & Plant Engineering, and more. Trusted solutions.

Over the years, Platinflex has expanded its product offerings to almost all major Industrial Technology Sectors like Chemical & Petrochemical, Iron & Steel, Liquid Natural Gas, Mechanical & Plant Engineering and many more. Also, the products manufactured here in Platinflex enable these industries in various ways as well.
Platinflex Products used in:
Chemical & Petrochemical Industry + -


The Platinflex Flexible metal hose assemblies use in Chemical Plants to transfer super-aggressive media.

Product Applications
  • Transfer of viscous or temperature-sensitive media through high-pressure double hose assemblies
  • Double hose assemblies use as coolable elements in compressor and in engine construction
  • Also, insulating hoses use for providing flexible connection to heating devices, chemical reactors and distillation plants
Iron & Steel Industry + -


The application of metal hoses and assemblies in the Iron and Steel Industry ensures

  • A very high physical strength with light weight.
  • Corrosion capabilities, fire resistance, abrasion and penetration.
  • Also, vibration and noise absorption from pumps,compressors,engines etc.
  • Compensates for thermal expansion and contraction of piping under extreme temperatures.
  • Corrects problems concerning to misalignment.
  • Furthermore, a flexible and agile alternative for rigid piping in difficult locations.
Product Applications
  • Corrugated hoses with braiding can use in the manufacturing process
  • Stainless Steel flexible /braided hose pipes can use because of their extensive chemical compatibility and powerful pressure-taking capability.
  • Moreover, metal Hose assemblies can use for fire resistance.
Liquid Natural Gas + -


Platinflex’s experience in manufacturing fueling metal hose assemblies for the Liquid Natural Gas Sector provides end-to-end operations which include solutions for LNG fueling stations and LNG Plants.

Product Applications
  • Special Metal Hose Assemblies for the LNG Cargo ships
  • Furthermore, hose Assemblies for LNG Stations (For use in LNG vehicles)
  • High Temperature resistant braided hose assemblies
  • Chemical resistant composite hose assemblies
  • Also, fire resistant high-pressure metallic hose
Mechanical & Plant Engineering + -


Platinflex is one of the leading manufacturers and developers of Special Metal hose assemblies for the Mechanical and Industry. Furthermore, our Assemblies can use in gas generating plants, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Product Applications
  • The process of separating critical mechanical equipment from piping stress, extreme temperatures etc use the Metal Hose assemblies.
  • Moreover, the mechanical processes for transporting high-pressure and high temperature media extensively use these Metal Hoses.
Refrigeration Industry + -


Platinflex also develops special vibration hoses and vibration eliminators for refrigeration systems.

Product Applications
  • Copper flexible metal hose for Refrigerator vibration absorption
  • Flexible metal hoses are used as refrigerant and other natural gas lines
  • Piping for high-pressure water and for other food processing tasks use the flexible metal hose.
  • Moreover, Refrigerators, ovens and other specialized devices use the stainless Steel metal hoses.
Technical And Medical Gases + -


The Technical and Medical gases industry uses the Platinflex metal hoses as high-pressure hoses. Moreover, they can bear withstand high-pressure, additional motions and pressure fluctuations.

The features which set them apart from others are –

  • These are flexible, which simplifies the installation process
  • Also, they have a working pressure of 400 bar and burst pressure of 1,300 bars
Product Application
  • Cylinders, bundles and trailers are filled with Industrial & Medical Gases with the help of flexible hoses.
  • These hoses can provide supply the gases to users
  • Also, corrugated Metal hoses and hose assembliesform the interior lining of the hoses for all applications in non-industrial and medical gases.
Vaccum Industry + -


The custom solutions designed by Platinflex for the conveyance of corrosive media as well as food products are truly a piece of example. Also, the high vacuum capabilities of our products and its durability has delighted our customers and speaks for itself.

Product Applications
  • Metal hoses offer great flexibility in the construction of ultra-high vacuum systems.
  • These are the ideal choice for general industrial vacuuming as well.
  • The Hoses offer excellent efficiency to negate material build-up, thus ensuring seamless air flow.
Wood / Glass /Paper Industry + -


Owing to the capability to transfer both liquid and gaseous media smoothly, our metal hoses have ensured a place for itself in the Wood, Glass and Paper Industry.

Product Applications
  • The specialized Wooden industries use the Metal hose assemblies.
  • The suction of wood dust and chips on wood processing machines utilize the hoses.
  • Also, they work as resistant protection hose and assist de-dusting and suction plants.

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