Railway Technology

PlatinFlex: Metal Hose Assemblies for Railway Technology Heat Transfer

Discover PlatinFlex’s metal hose assemblies optimized for heat transfer in railway technology. Lightweight, efficient, and durable solutions for transporting heat transfer oil between transformers and coolers

Heat Transfer is of utmost importance in Railway Technology. PlatinFlex metal hose assemblies transport the heat transfer oil between the transformers and also the coolers.

Metal Hoses For Railway Technology

This Flexible solution minimizes weight while maximizing both efficiency in production and operations and guaranteeing durability.

Optimized production and also testing processes enable Platinflex to supply pre-finished metal hose assemblies in short-term:

  • Mechanized, semi-automatic TIG welding
  • Manual TIG welding of nominal widths of 6 ñ300 mm
  • Mechanized TIG tube welding (orbital)
  • Mechanized TIG welding of vacuum lines

Platinflex absolutely fulfills the requirements for any sector that requires the absolute maximum on-board protection and duration of components.

In conclusion, PlatinFlex stands at the forefront of innovation in railway technology, offering specialized metal hose assemblies meticulously engineered to optimize heat transfer processes. Our solutions are designed to minimize weight without compromising on efficiency, ensuring seamless transportation of heat transfer oil between transformers and coolers. With advanced production and testing processes, we deliver pre-finished assemblies promptly, meeting the exacting standards of the railway industry. Trust PlatinFlex to provide durable and reliable components that enhance the performance and longevity of railway systems, contributing to smoother operations and increased efficiency.

As a trusted partner in the railway sector, PlatinFlex prioritizes the development of solutions that not only meet but exceed industry requirements. Our metal hose assemblies are crafted with precision, utilizing mechanized and semi-automatic welding techniques to ensure quality and consistency. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, PlatinFlex continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in railway technology, providing cutting-edge solutions that drive progress and efficiency in the transportation industry. Choose PlatinFlex for superior performance, durability, and reliability in every aspect of railway heat transfer applications.

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