Metal Hoses in Heat Pump Applications

“Are you using flexible metal hoses in heat pump applications? “

Here’s what you need to know!

Flexible metal hoses are a key component in heat pump systems, helping to absorb vibrations, reduce noise, and accommodate pipe movements. These hoses are designed to connect misaligned rigid piping, providing flexibility and durability.

When selecting flexible metal hoses for your heat pump application, consider factors like the temperature and pressure of the media being conveyed. The corrosive characteristics of the media will also impact the choice of metal, as thinner walls may have different acceptable corrosion rates compared to pipes.

Proper installation is crucial for the effectiveness of flexible metal hoses in heat pump applications. Make sure the hoses are attached directly to the equipment, perpendicular to the vibration, and with the other end rigidly anchored. Adequately support the pipe to relieve the hose of piping weight.

To ensure safety and prevent hose failures or damage, avoid twisting or sharp bends during installation. The hose should flex only in the plane of bending, and the length should be sufficient to accommodate movement. Follow the minimum bend radius guidelines provided by the vendor.

Flexible metal hoses have a wide range of applications beyond heat pump systems, including agriculture, chemical handling, and even fire-fighting services. They are a versatile solution for various industries.