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PLATINFLEX is now in Germany.For all your requests, you can contact our company Platinflex GmbH.

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Fire Sprinkler Hoses


Function of Fire Sprinkler System

Automatic fire sprinklers are individually heat-activated and attached to a network of piping with water under pressure. When the heat of a fire raises the sprinkler temperature to its operating temperature (usually 186°F – 86°C), a solder link will melt or a liquid-filled glass bulb will shatter to open that sprinkler, releasing water and sounding an alarm. By acting automatically at the origin of a fire, sprinklers prevent a fire from going to a dangerous size.

Unlike traditional hard-piped fire protection systems, Platinflex sprinkler connections allow engineers, architects, contractors and building owners a degree of versatility previously unavailable, featuring:

• FM approved
• Industrial grade material
• Acceptable for use in a return-air plenum
• Perfect center-of-tile and aesthetic uniformity
• Approved for use with medium and heavy load grids
• 100% leak-tested connections
• All welded, no o-rings
• Adjustable height and sprinkler alignment
• Proven technology
• Ceiling system compatibility
• Compatible with FM sprinklers

PLATINFLEX Fire Sprinkler Hose and Connection Adapter can be safely used in fire extinguishing systems due to its structure not being affected by seismic motions and the braided hose’s resistance to heat and pressure.


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Extensible gas hoses

extensible gas hose

Extensible Gas Hoses

Extensible gas hoses are usually used in domestic area to connect the distribution gas valve with the kitchen appliances, in most cases gas stoves. This type of hose is built in austenitic stainless steel 316L which is covered with yellow heat shrinking external coating, that it protects the hose, from acid attack (pitting) and thermal variations. The non-flammable PVC cover also protects the hose against corrosion, fire and mechanical damages. The yellow PVC coating is optional, which means the hose can be manufactured with or without the PVC sheathing. The hose working pressure is 6 Bar and provides highly flexible and extensible connection.

Extensible gas hoses are exposed to special heat treatment. Heat Treatment eliminates the stress caused by the tubing, mechanic forming and fitting welding processes and increases the flexibility, while reducing the spring rate accordingly. Heat treatment helps the hose to save its original form and shape.

This product can be installed in the tightest bending radius with no reduction in the cross-sectional area. Its extensible structure provides great connection capabilities for non-classified distances. Thanks to its flexibility and extensibility the installation of these gas hoses is cost-friendly and time-saving.

Can easily be extended to meet the customer needs as shown in the video below to provide the best connection possible. It can be manufactured in all lengths starting from 90mm up to 2000mm. Application on gas stoves, fireplaces, grills, barbecues, combi boilers, hot baths and water heaters is compatible.

We design and supply precision-engineered gas hoses that are known for their superior functional value, utility, performance and durability. These hoses come in a wide range of specifications and confirm with established industry standards and guidelines. Our extensible gas hoses are checked and tested in-house as per the specifications.

All the parts are subjected to rigorous sealing tests and vacuum heat treatment. High in quality, reliability and performance, these products confirm to regulatory standards and prescribed quality standards.

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The European Norm EN 14800 gas hoses was adopted for first time in 2007 to meet the need of improvements of the rubber hose which was most commonly used gas hose until then. The major advantage of the flexible metal hoses against rubber hoses is their high thermal, fire resistance and high operational reliability. That was also the main reason that put the rubber hoses out of the competition.

Since its first pioneer in 2007, the EN 14800 standard gas hoses have been constantly improved and updated. Nowadays it offers universal high safety standards that can be applied in the households throughout the countries of the European Union. Primarily designed for domestic use, the safe gas supply from the grid to the end-user was the highest priority for Platinflex.

This type of gas hose can be installed everywhere where the gas pressure in the system is lower than 0.5 bar such as: on heaters (indoor/outdoor), gas stoves as well as barbeques and all kinds of gas-powered appliances in the households. It’s three-layer assembly of a stainless steel corrugated hose in the inside, covered by stainless steel braiding in the middle (which prevents and protects the hose from external damage) and PVC layer partially covering the stainless-steel components which also prevents corrosion if exposed to water or chemicals. The whole composition gives us a flexible and durable gas hose and safe and easy-to-use application to the customer.

Fittings and models of EN 14800 Gas hoses

  • Gas hose with SWIVEL NUT AND NIPPLE
  • Gas hose with BAYONET
  • Gas hose with Female to Female | Female to Male fittings
  • Gas hose with 90° ELBOW

It’s quick, easy, simple and inexpensive installation also adds on the pros side.

Additionally, this hose can also be used for Natural Gas connections.

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Corrugated Flexible metal hoses

Metal hose

Corrugated Flexible metal  hose

flexible metal hose made from stainless steel sheet, is a annularly corrugated tube manufactured by continuously processing this material in a high speed automatic forming machine.

After this processing, it is put in a continuous automatic bright annealing furnace without oxidization to completely eliminate residual stress and becomes high quality corrugated flexible metal hose.


The Application of one kinds of braid ( wire) is settled by the diameter of flexible metal hose upon 4″ , wire braid is used.The function of braid protect metallic flexible hose when fluid pressure operated the inside of corugated flexible metal hose.

End Fitting Connection

TIG welding method of flexible metal hose weld en fittings to each side of flexible metal hose.In that case, welding parts fall anti-corrosion than orginal material , so PLATINFLEX Assembled flexible metal hose assemblies with taking a serious view of anti-corrosion.

Advantages of flexible metal hoses

In order to increase their pressure resistance, the corrugated metal hoses get single or multiple braids. The material of the wire netting is usually

At high pressures, the inherent pressure resistance of the metal hose is almost negligible.

The pressure resistance of braided metal hoses is many times higher than of metal hoses without braiding. Ultimately the braid alone is load-bearing.

Pressure and temperature ranges of flexible metal  hoses

Corrugated flexible metal hoses can be used for pressures up to 350 bar or vacuum. The temperature resistance is dependent on the material, for stainless steel flexible metal  hoses it is guaranteed up to 600°C. With special materials, even higher temperatures are possible. However, when designing  flexible metal hoses, the material-dependent pressure reduction factors must be considered. Applications in the cryogenic range are possible down to approximately -270°C without pressure reduction.

PLATINFLEX  corrugated metal hoses are manufactured with an inner diameter of 6 to 100 mm

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Flexible Metal Hose

metal hose

Flexible Metal hose

Platinflex is a leading manufacturer of corrugated metal hose and braid products. Founded in 2010,

Platinflex has been a pioneer from the very beginning and continues today to be a leader in the design, and manufacture of flexible metal hose.

The Stainless steel corrugated flexible metal hose is especially designed to achieve several objectives in pipe work design. These include, absorption or vibration, operate under vacuum, handle temperature extremes, suppress rigid pipe noise transmitted, accommodate reciprocating and flexing movement, operate effectively under high pressures and adjust or correct for misalignment.

Our offers one of the most extensive lines of metal hose products to meet a wide range of design requirements. PLATİNFLEX brand metal hoses are mechanically or mechanical-formed, stainless steel and meet flexibility and cycle life requirements.

Why flexible metal hoses should be used?

  • Resistant to low and/or high temperature.
  • Also in vacuum applications, it provides maximum impermeability security with high pressured gases.
  • No evidence of wear is seen on the application despite the affects of ozone or other climate conditions.
  • Thanks to its metal material, it is highly secure.
  • Its bigger inside diameter allows carrying out short-timed pressured applications.
  • Thanks to previously manufactured elements, it provides savings in assembly expenses when compared with fied lines.
  • It has perfect chemical durability also in high temperature.
  • It prevents vibration and stretches in the connections.

Why Flexibility?

The flexibility of the corrugated metal hose is the result of the bending of the metal corrugations. Service life varies depending upon the severity of the flexing, temperature, corrosive conditions, pressure and vibration to which the hose is subjected. Unless restrained, corrugated metal hose will elongate when subjected to increased internal pressure. Restraint is provided by a braided covering, consisting of a tubular sheath of woven metal wires fitted tightly over the corrugated metal hose and secured at each end. Bending and flexibility of the corrugated metal hose is not appreciably affected by the wire braid covering.